What’s next:

If TCTSY is something you would like to explore, I wanted to explain some of the next steps. Sometimes it may be useful for me to talk with your therapist for educational purposes only. What is TCTSY, how it’s been helpful as adjunct treatment, etc., and that is done with your permission. If you are not in therapy, recognizing that access to therapy can be quite difficult, we can talk about that as well. Therapy is not mandatory for participation.

We then talk on the phone about our time together and what that can look like, in terms of location and payment, and the time of our session. I do a short intake, which consists of contact information questions and some questions to make sure that TCTSY may be useful for you at this time. I will not be asking about your trauma history. I am not a therapist and I want to honor my scope of practice and would never want to unintentionally trigger or cause harm.

I will then send you two forms to fill out, one is a waiver (common when you go to a yoga studio for a class) and the other is a permission form to talk with your therapist (if you are in therapy) for educational purposes and/or permission to contact your therapist (and/or your person of support) if a clinical emergency arises during our session.

Throughout this process and our time together, I will be offering time for feedback, and time to check in. I’m acknowledging that it’s vulnerable to give feedback and we can talk about ways that you can offer that to me, that feels safe. I will always be open to feedback. We learn from each other.

Thank you for taking the time to look into TCTSY and I look forward to the opportunity to talk with you and perhaps share this practice with you. I wish you peace.

For any questions, please email me with the envelope link or email at: